About Screen Free Learning

Who We Are & What We Do

Here at Screen Free Learning, we are a traditional and vibrant children’s educational toy company; education is at the very heart of everything we do.

Our founders saw the need for a screen-free option that was a fun, cost-effective and sustainable way for their children to learn, play and write. Each took a step back from a career in Accounting and Finance, in order to bring their idea into reality. Today, we now supply Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and Australia with our great products.

We design “trace and learn chalkboards” for children of all stages of handwriting and mathematical skill. Our chalkboards are perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 9. Through them, we aim to provide educational toys that promote imaginative and independent play preparing them for school and life long learning.

Our products are built to the highest quality with excellence in mind because of that we proudly cater to a growing clientele of everyday mum, dads, and organizations across the globe.

Be a part of the revolution to encourage children’s love of education and play through Screen Free Learning.


Our Vision & Mission

We want to see the newest generation return to hands-on screen-free play. Why? Screen time has been shown to have negative effects on the health of children. It disrupts sleep, increases the likelihood of anxiety, depression, behavioural problems and addiction. It has also been linked to a loss of social skills, limits to motor skills development and lower academic performance. 

Our products are the remedy to the blue screen problem. By playing with our chalkboards children are actively engaged physically and intellectually, building their motor, social, and learning skills. Through our arts-based play, your child will develop cognitively and physically while also encouraging an early love of learning. So why not use our safe and sustainable product to help your child grow and learn today.